Meal plan Training plan 24/7 chat Support Accountability Patience Teamwork
Meal plan Training plan 24/7 chat Support Accountability Patience Team Work

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Join me on my coaching app, where you will get access to your programme, progress tracking,  meal planning, a training diary, habit tracker and communication tool with me. Learn more about about how you can train with me below.

Online Coaching Options

6 Week Revamp Plan

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Non personalised 12 Week Workout Plan specific to your goal

Track your fitness progress via my coaching app including specific exercises, weight loss, weight gain, workout progressions.

Track your macros directly from the app

Sync with your fitness watch

Sculpt and curves programme

Fat loss and muscle building plan for women who want to lose weight and get stronger + transform their body.

This programme is designed for women who want to completely transform their body in as little as 90 days. It’s designed for women who want to use minimal equipment at the gym with basic exercise with the most impact.

Quick and easy meals with multiple food options that you will actually enjoy. You will have a structured nutrition system so you don’t have to overthink your diet and make a lot of decisions.

Focus on building curves 

Increase strength

Focus on full body transformation

Everything within one app

Personalised Coaching

My premium and tailored coaching option. If you are new to fitness, really want that personalised support and tailored guidance  and accountability. 

This is the option for you. 

With me you get total support. I will help you to understand your behaviours better and provide you with a custom meal and training plan. We will stay in touch via chat in my app where you can also track your progress and view your plans in one place.

Book in for your free consultation below.

Personalised fitness programme designed for your needs

Tailored nutrition plan and coaching designed around your lifestyle

Weekly check-ins via the app

Communicate with me and monitor your progress via the dashboard

Real people
real results

The Benefits
of Online

Ditch the diet for good

Foods that you love

Say goodbye to boring meal plans and hello to eating your favourite foods. Restrictions are out of the window and moderation is in. I’ll show you how to eat what you love and still reach your goal.

A plan that works around you

Each plan is tailored to every client. Do you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for long workouts or to prepare foods? Whatever your schedule I’ll ensure that your plan works for YOU.

With you wherever you go

With my tracker app I’m always just one click away. Need help with a food swap? Found yourself eating out unexpectedly? Whatever you need I’m there for you, all you need is to open my app and send me a message. I’m always here to help and support each client.

Meal plan Training plan 24/7 chat Support Accountability Patience Teamwork
Meal plan Training plan 24/7 chat Support Accountability Patience Team Work


When I wanted to lose weight I wish I had a coach like me. Someone who understood the struggle of weight loss and could relate to my struggles. I want to help women like me, who feel intimidated by structure and change. Women who want to stop yo-yo dieting and stop feeling confused by the fitness industry. I want to empower women to stop binge eating — full stop; and have a better relationship with food. My mission is to help as many women as possible be able to stop dieting for good and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

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